Industrial Hygiene Services

Industrial hygiene services are provided by highly experienced and specially trained professionals. National Institute of Safety and Health and Occupational Safety and Health Administration methods and guidelines are followed. State-of-the-art, calibrated equipment is utilized. All analytical work is conducted by American Industrial Hygiene Association accredited laboratories.

  • Develop/Implement Industrial Hygiene Programs.
  • Workplace Monitoring Programs.
    • Noise Measurement Studies. Enviro-Safety Compliance Alternative l can conduct noise monitoring and compliance checks as well as assist in the development and implementation of a hearing conservation program. OSHA has recently revised their hearing loss recordkeeping requirements, further emphasizing the need for companies to have an active, supported Hearing Conservation program.
  • Air Contaminants Monitoring. Exposure assessments are used to determine the adequacy of engineering controls and work practices along with selection of the least hazardous materials that meet performance needs. Air contaminant monitoring is also conducted to address employee complaints, OSHA inquiries, or to establish a baseline of the exposure. Both qualitative and quantitative methods are used. Qualitative methods alone are often sufficient without actual exposure measurements, based on contaminant characteristics, controls, proximity and duration of potential exposure. Air contaminant monitoring usually involves a comprehensive pre-assessment, including plant tour, meetings with specific personnel to acquire necessary exposure information, and review of Material Safety Data Sheets. Full shift representative air contaminant monitoring is then conducted.
  • Indoor Air Quality Monitoring. An initial walkthrough of the affected area is first made to determine who is affected, and when and where they are affected. A search for potential sources of environmental contaminants is made to determine what may be impacting the air quality. Various processes, chemical sources, moisture, outdoor air contaminants, cleaning supplies and furnishings may all be impacting the air quality to some extent.Our knowledgeable staff has experience in all phases of the health risk assessment process, including field investigation, sample analysis, toxicological review, and risk characterization.
    • Indoor air quality testing in response to Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) and Building Related Illness (BRI) complaints including real-time measurement of IEQ parameters and collection and analysis of chemical, physical, and microbiological IEQ contaminants.
    • Exposure and risk assessment  for chemical, physical, and biological agents

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